MCSWA Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

Event Details

Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority 1
st Annual Household Hazardous
Waste Collection Event
Event Details: This event is for Mifflin County Residents/Households by pre-registration only. Not open to
Where: Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority, 87 Landfill Road, Lewistown, PA 17044
When: Saturday, August 5, 2023 from 8am-1pm
Important: You must pre-register for this event. Once registered, you will receive a ticket for entry.

Household Hazardous Waste Registration

• Insecticides
• Pesticides
• Weed Killers
• Fertilizers
• Pool Chemicals
• Antifreeze
• Bleaches
• Aerosol Cans
• Cleaners
• Deodorizers
• Corrosives/Flammables
• Drain Cleaners
• Oil Based Paint (No Latex)
• Motor Oil
• Antifreeze
• CFL bulbs (also taken at Lowes)
• Fluorescent tubes
• Mercury/Mercury Containing Devices
• Rechargeable Batteries
• Auto Batteries
NO Latex Paint (See guidelines on back of page)
NO Disposable Batteries (See guidelines on back of page)
NO Ammunition or Explosives (Contact your local police/fire department for info)
NO Propane Tanks (Use exchange service or check with Snedeker Oil)
NO Smoke/CM Detectors (Refer to manufacturer label or dispose of in regular trash)

Disposal of Paint Guidelines-Donate if still usable. Solidify first, then dispose of paint. If only a small
amount of paint is in can, simply remove the lid outside with good ventilation and let dry. Put lid back on and
put out for trash disposal. If you have more than which will dry on its own, add clay-based kitty litter or a
similar material to the paint and let dry outside with good ventilation, replace lid after dried and put with your

Disposable Batteries-Primary/Single-Use batteries cannot be recharged and must be disposed of once they
wear out. Alkaline, silver oxide, zinc-air, zinc-carbon, and zinc-chloride, commonly known as AA, AAA, 9V,
D-cell, and button cell are all types of primary batteries. Residents can place in trash as replaced.

Use Motor Oil-Motor oil is an environmental concern. If you are a resident who changes his/her own oil,
please consider recycling it. Once you have completed your oil change pour the old oil into the containers that
had the new oil and take it to be recycled. Typically, they empty and return your containers to you for re-use.
Motor Oil and Antifreeze are accepted regularly at Lake Chevy/Ford Dealership & Advanced Auto. Please call
for more information before delivering