Sewer Rate Increase

Effective January 3, 2024 Granville Township is increasing sewer rates.  Rising costs of chemicals, parts and equipment necessitates the increase.  The increase is per quarter. For a full copy of the rate resolution, please contact the office.  The listed rates do not include the debt service fee that is collected for the sole purpose of debt reduction.

                                                                                                      OLD                    NEW
Flat Rate                                                                                      $ 135.00              $ 140.00
Grinder Pump                                                                            $ 145.00             $ 150.00
Employee Count                                                                        $ 182.00              $ 182.00 Minimum Bill
Metered                                                                                      $ 182.00              $ 182.00 Minimum Bill
Meter: Total operating cost portion of the calculation       $ 0.012                $ 0.012
Car Wash                                                                                    $ 182.00              $ 182.00 Minimum Bill
­­‍                                                                                                     $12/1000             $12.75/1000 gallons of water
Fire Company / Church                                                            $ 135.00               $140.00

Disclosures: Act 44 for Entities Providing Professional Services

Chapter 7-A of Act 44 or 2009 MANDATES the annual disclosure of certain information by every entity (hereinafter “Contractor”) which is a party to a professional services contract with one of the pension funds of Granville Township (hereinafter the (“Requesting Municipality”).  Act 44 disclosure requirements apply to Contractors who provide professional pension services and receive payment of any kind from the Requesting Municipality’s pension fund. The Requesting Municipality has determined that your company falls under the requirements of Act 44 and must complete this disclosure form. you are expected to submit this completed form, to the Requesting Municipality below, by December 1, 2022.

If, for any reason you believe that Act 44 does not require you to complete this disclosure form, please provide a written explanation of your reason(s) by Novemberl5. 2022.

Download: Granville Township Act 44 2022 Approved and signed

Snow Removal Mailbox Policy

We try to avoid damaging anyone’s property. However, mailboxes are often placed in the Township legal right-of-way, which means that the Township is not liable for damages to them caused by snow removal operations. We suggest property owners ensure their mailbox rest on a firm support so it will be better able to withstand the windrow of snow from the plow.