Trespass Notice

Directions and information for serving and filing a “Warning Against Trespass and Communications” 

The “Warning Against Trespass and Communications” notice is a form that property owners may fill out against individuals that they wish not to have access to their property and do not wish for those individuals to communicate with them.  Please download, print out the form, and follow the directions listed below.

  • Fill out all lines on the “Warning Against Trespass and Communications”
  • If you are a landlord, have your tenants also sign the notice.
  • Serve the notice in the proper way (see below for options)
  • Submit copies of the served notice and return receipt to the proper police agency and Communication Center
  • Keep a copy for your records

            The original Trespass Notice should be sent by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.  After the Postal Service returns the signed receipt, forward a copy of the Trespass Notice and a copy of the signed receipt to the police department whose area of jurisdiction includes the address for which the Trespass Notice is given.

            In the event that a Trespass Notice cannot be sent by Certified Mail, the Trespass Notice can be served by a Constable.  A local Office of District Magistrate may be able to provide the names of local Constables willing to serve the Trespass Notice.  Granville Township property owners can check with Magistrate Miller’s Office to see if they have any willing Constables at 103 West Market Street, Suite I, Lewistown, Pennsylvania 17044 or by calling 717-248-8408.

            Keep a copy of the Trespass Notice and the signed receipt for your records.  These documents may be needed in court.

            This form is to be used only in Granville Township and the Borough of Juniata Terrace.  You may return copies to the Granville Township Police Department by either mailing copies to the address listed on the notice or fax them to 717-242-0210 or scan and email them to  You may return copies to the Mifflin County Communications Center by mail at the address listed on the notice or by fax at 717-248-0300.  Please remember to return copies to both the police department and the Mifflin County Communications Center.

            It is very important that you keep the original copies, as they will be reviewed by responding officers and needed for court.

            Any questions should be directed to the Granville Township Police Department by calling 717-953-9713.