Onlot Sewage Maintenance

Program Requirements

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection, requires every municipality to adopt an Act 537, Sewage Facilities Plan. The plan must identify all existing sewer systems within the municipality. It must further identify areas with sewage problems and then provide for adequate sewage treatment facilities and means of disposal of all sewage generated within the municipality. As part of Granville Township’s plan, the Department required the Township to adopt and enforce an ordinance for the management of on lot disposal systems.

Granville Township has been divided into five (5) sewage management districts. Each year one (1) district will be required to have their on lot sewage system inspected by the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer and pumped by a licensed septic pumper if instructed by the SEO that pumping is required.

In March of the current year the residents of the appropriate zone will receive a letter from the Township instructing that the appropriate inspection fee be submitted to the Township and the Sewage Enforcement Officer be contacted for an inspection. Once the on lot system has been inspected the SEO will notify you if the tank must be pumped. If your tank must be pumped a copy of your pumper receipt MUST be submitted to the Township. It is highly recommended that if your tank does not currently have a riser installed that one be installed at the time of your initial pumping and inspection.

If your on lot system is found to be malfunctioning, the Sewage Enforcement Officer will give you instructions on what is required next.

Inspection/Maintenance Zones

Approved Pumping Contractors

Brannon & Royer Septic Pump Service
Rich Royer III
1922 Back Maitland Road
Lewistown, PA 17044
717-242-9541 or

Brannon’s Porta Pot Rentals LLC
Russell Brannon III
84 W. Charles St.
Lewistown, PA 17044

Buck Run Farms
Duane Aurand
87 Buck Run Ln
Lewistown, PA 17044

Sherwood Septic
Russell Sherwood
20 Mitchell Dr.
Lewistown, PA 17044

Parson Septic & Porta Pot Service
Travis Zeiders
10439 Route 333
Port Royal, PA 17082

Wolfley’s Excavating & Septic Pumping
James Wolfley
7718 Stage Road
McClure, PA 17841


  1. ​PAY $85.00 to Township by 4/30/24 
    a.  Payment Options:  In Person, Mail or Township Payment Portal
  2. INSPECT – Contact Page SEO, Inc. 717-436-2291
  3. PUMP – If required
  4. RECEIPT – submit copy of pumping receipt to the Township

Township Contact

Mary E. Herto

Sewage Enforcement Officers

Page SEO’s, Inc.
Wm. Dan Page
Polly Graybill
Jeffrey Johns 717-436-2291